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With the workshop of her first musical DRACULA, played in French in Paris at the Theater MOGADOR with 8 musicians and 13 singers (including herself, David Eguren, Sarah Tullamore, Virginie Perrier, Christine Bonnard, Gilles Avisse, Isabelle Turschwell, Fabian Ballarin, Herve Lewandowski., Remi Cotta, Christophe Borie...), Cecile ROUZAY is twice nominated at the Festival the Musicals in France, with Claude-Michel SCHÖNBERG (Les Miserables, Miss Saigon…) as the President of the Jury: for the SACD Price for the Best Book, and for the Best Discovery.

She participates to the creation of the Federation of the Musical in Paris in 2007 and is elected as Delegate of The Authors for two years.
This Federation had the purpose to develop and promote the musical theater in France, helping all the trades of the musical theater to meet each other (singers, dancers, writers, musicians, directors, stage hands, costume and set designers, producers...) in order to make it easy to create new projects.

Then she leaves Paris, becomes a mother, writes and publishes her first novel AGATHA and decides to finally listen to the piece of advice she received from professionals in Paris and New York City years ago: to translate her work and try to sell it across the Atlantic...

So she first writes the English adaptation of a few songs of her DRACULA, registers them, find an artistic agent in New York City, then flies to Big Apple to meet her agent and musicals schools, to establish new professional contacts, visit Broadway Theaters and for the first time she sees American musicals on stage and assists to the Tony Awards Ceremony.
A dream comes true ! (...well, several dreams!!)

When Cecile was a child, this French writer and lyricist fond of American musical movies and Disney's films, wanted to draw for Walt Disney, to create characters, tell stories, share emotions and meaning songs and always has one wish in her mind: "Make people dream!".

...Writing musicals is not so far from that after all ! ...Now she just needs to share it with people.

So now the English adaptation is completely written, Cecile is looking for a producer for her DRACULA, and a new artistic agent too because hers choosed muscles instead of musicals.

And as Mr Walt Disney said : All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them...


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