The Classical Musical


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The Author




Classical because...

This musical is a free adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel- a classic of English literature.

The songs are mostly written on classical romantic symphonies composed at the same time as Bram Stoker's novel.

A classic is eternal and immortal...(As I hope this musical will be one day!)

The show is about classic and timeless fears: illness, getting old, madness, death, loving someone or losing loved ones, losing our identity, country, status, being insecured, feeling powerless, alone, lost, betrayed...And having the choice to ignore those fears and act like an unconcious, to be paralized by them and don't live, or to overcome them and have a chance to learn and grow.

And classic and timeless subjects: superstitions, rationality, science, beliefs, the differences between people, friendship, love...and other subjects each one is free to notice...or not.

The Story

Prologue: The 15th century, the beautiful castle of the young count Dracula, the old Dracula reminds when he was young: he lost his love when the Ottomans invaded his castle. Shattered by the pain of this loss and bloodthirsty for vengeance, he made an oath that blood will forevermore be his only sustenance!

Act 1: The end of the 19th century in a small village nearby Dracula's castle, Jonathan Harker arrives. This English solicitor has come to settle the sale of a manorhouse in England bought by a mysterious customer: the Count Dracula.
Despite the worried warnings from the villagers, the solicitor goes to meet the Count. This meeting will have serious consequences for Jonathan and his entourage...
Dracula is ready to spread his "Contamination" .




- A show divided into two acts, mostly sung-through
(Act 1: 1 hour/ Act 2: 50 minutes)

- Classical musics

- 3 original compositions
written by Clement Duthoit and Clement Biehler

- 12 main roles : 5 women and 7 men